Mommy’s Day Off ?

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It’s 6 AM.  I’m racing to get my four little kids off to school. I have tons of errands to run. Toilet paper to buy.  Hopefully a workout before I have to get some real work done.   I’m exhausted.  Thinking about when my next day-off is. Wait a minute…… mommies don’t really get… days off.  Of course there are weekends when some people do not have to go to their designated job. But, in my line of work I often have to work on the weekends.  The only time off I ever really get, is when I’m sick.  But, of course then I am SICK!  Sometimes I actually crave getting sick so that I have an excuse to lay in bed all day.   Truth.  Do I have to wait until all four kids are in college to get a day off?  Are the only off-moments I actually have are when I’m hiding in my car going on Instagram for a fleeting minute before I must get home and deal with life?  Don’t get me wrong!  I love being a mom and I realize that these years are fleeting and finite. There will come a time my kids don’t need me. But by then, how old and tired will I be?


Scheduling occasional date nights and girls-nights-out are awesome… except for the fact the next morning I still have to get up at 6 AM.  I literally sometimes hide to give myself a few moments and decompress before I get home…  Actually, come to think about it, my workouts have become my time-off.  When did working out become time off?  I assume all mommies feel this way sometimes.  Especially the stay-at-home moms & single moms. I have the utmost respect for all of the superwomen out there, SUPERmoms!  I often shut it down until I explode and become passive-aggressive to my husband and vent to my girlfriends. I cry in my car or in my bathroom until my beautiful little ones find me “mommy mommy what are you doing…?”  I can’t tell them that mommy’s hiding from you so she can get a little “me” time .   Being a mom is a full-time job… 24 seven …  Sometimes I take my shoes off when I walk upstairs so they can’t hear me.  I’ll keep feeling guilty about it, venting to my girlfriends, and I realize that this is all part of the motherhood deal… The good definitely outweighing the bad.

I still look forward to the weekends away with my husband and those rare days when I get to sleep in… past 6 AM. Eventually my three-year-old won’t be three anymore and at one point I will have four teenagers… I know that’s going to bring its own challenges but at least….I’ll get to sleep in!


Motherhood is a journey and there are so many aspects of it that nobody ever tells you about.  Maybe if they did we wouldn’t do it.  But…when I get that “mommy I love you” or that hug for no reason –  it makes it all worth it.


By the way I’m writing this blog as I’m hiding in my bedroom… LOL

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