“Minivans Can Be Sexy”

Posted on April 08, 2016 by Stefanie Fair with No Comment




All my life, I have had a love affair with cars. My Dad would take me to car shows every year.  I eagerly anticipated turning sixteen and buying my own car. I had been working since I was eight years old and saved my money in hopes of getting a car.  My dream car was a Mercedes convertible, OMG. How I dreamed of rolling up to Kennedy High School with my new wheels. Even though I could have bought one with the money I earned from acting, there was no way my parents would have ever let me. Now as a mom I appreciate the values that they instilled in me – early on.  (Even though I was such a brat about it at the time.)  I can still hear my Dad saying, “What will you have to look forward to?”

So, I ended up buying a brand-new Nissan 240SX. It was white, had a fin & was like… totally rad.


Once I became an adult, I did end up getting my dream Mercedes… it was 1993…  A cherry-red convertible. Oh how I loved her so J Next;  I had a Porsche convertible. Then… a Porsche Cayenne and…. I even owned a white Hummer at one time!


My stance back then was that there was NO way in the world I would EVER drive a minivan. Well… I have learned to “never say never.”  Cut to 2008 and I am a mom of two with a third on the way. I was over paying so much money for a car that had milk stains, cheerios, dirty finger prints & thousands of random pieces of toys everywhere.


I utter the words “I think I want a minivan” to my husband. “Really?” he asked. And that lovely afternoon in 2008 began my lifetime love affair with the minivan.

Anybody who has more than one child can totally understand what I am saying.

The sliding doors … the capacity for eight people… the movie screens… huge trunk space … I could go on and on. One of the happiest days of my life was when I got my minivan. No lie. I even started a minivan trend at our pre school.  Even when my husband offers me his Tesla for my girl’s nights out, I still prefer to drive my minivan.


I think I have become a bit obsessed… Almost like a super religious person who is constantly trying to convert randoms on the street. When I see a mom with a bunch of kids whom isn’t driving one, I have to stop myself from trying to tell her about the amazing lease offers? LOL


So, if you have been thinking of turning to minivan land… DO IT! I feel hella sexy driving it. Yes, I am a mom of four and don’t need to step out of a Porsche to feel good about myself. Oh no…   I am sure my twenty year old self is cringing but we all know that your twenties are for making mistakes but thinking you know it all. The thirties are when you start to figure it out (buy the minivan) and in your forties, you are finally living the most powerful you.


Lesson learned “never say never”