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Project:“There Goes The Motherhood”

There Goes the Motherhood follows six dynamic Los Angeles mothers, who meet through parenting expert Jill Spivack’s highly-coveted, eight-week course. Beth Bowen, Jen Bush, Meghan Conroy-Resich, Stefanie Fair, Leah Forester, and Alisa Starler wear their hearts on their sleeves and hope to connect, become fast friends, (or fast frenemies.)
There Goes the Motherhood is an eye-opening docu-series that hilariously captures the fabulous, fascinating, and shocking truths behind modern motherhood. The gals use Jill Spivack’s weekly mommy groups to vent about shared frustrations, exchange parenting tips, open up about their relationships, and bond over the unpredictable ride that is motherhood. Each mom practices a unique parenting-style and strives to balance it while maintaining an ounce of sanity. But the mommy group isn’t all smiles and shared secrets, as these women not only focus on their own insecurities, but also each other’s.. in an effort to improve their lives as women, wives, and moms.

Kids Entertainment”

Stefanie Fair and her husband record producer-musician Ron Fair have created many children’s musical properties, including a recent collaboration with GENIUS BRANDS – a publicly-held company that produces enriching content-with-a-purpose for babies, toddlers,
little kids and tweens. Among her recent creations are 52 science-based new songs – each which teaches a lesson. These songs run the gamut of musical styles from punk to R & B to folk to pop to electronica. It’s a “schoolhouse rock” of science, and is available on the Kid Genius TV network through Commcast. In addition, Stefanie created 14 new songs for “Baby Genius – Proud Explorer” which are featured in a new DVD. Songs cover topics like “things in my house” “people on the street” “colors” and “learning the alphabet.” Stefanie brings a strong sense of style, humor and highly evolved skill to everything she creates.

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