Am I UN-hip…. Or…Is This Song Just Shit ?

Posted on March 31, 2016 by Stefanie Fair with No Comment



Ok, I consider myself a “hip mom.”  I can channel my inner-teenager on a dime. This has always been very helpful in my career. But, this morning, as I was in my favorite dance/workout class…. I had one of those OMG moments ???? Am I officially OLD?


As I am kicking my leg out like a dog peeing on a tree (trying to have my butt lifted back to where it was in my 20’s) our adorable young instructor announces she has updated her playlist & added the new Rihanna song.  I’m totally excited as it just dropped yesterday & I wanted to hear it, I wanted to love it. It comes on & I immediately start to bob my head like a rap producer and be down with it.


But my inner voice is screaming,  “this is shit… this sounds like my 3 year toddler mumbling” seriously Stefanie; stop being a hater.  Am I becoming a hater? Am I now so old that I don’t know what’s hip anymore?


So I look around the class to see if anyone else is feeling this song. I realize that I don’t think anyone cares as much as I do. They are all sweating and grunting trying to reclaim their old asses.


But it got me thinking, have I now reached that point in my life where I can’t relate to the youth or distinguish what is hip and what is shit? Do I need to give it a second listen? And why am I even freaking out about this?


Well, as I’m in my mid-life I guess this is going to become more frequent… I’m going to have to come to terms with not always loving what is cool and, being OK with that.  I mean, I’m sure my kids would appreciate me not embarrassing them by completely performing the latest rap songs as I pick them up from carpool.


But truth be told… There’s a very good chance that in a couple weeks after KISS FM plays the new Rihanna/ Drake song 50 times a day I might actually learn to love it!  After all, I am the world’s biggest consumer and lover of all things commercial and popular. I guess it may just take me a bit longer than it used to!