“Dress To Be Judged”

Posted on March 22, 2016 by Stefanie Fair with No Comment



I was recently on a weekend getaway in Napa with my husband. We were going to attend the birthday party of a good friend of his and I asked him “babe, how should I dress tonight? ” His reply was “dress to be judged” ….What???


Hmmm, it got me thinking about how women dress or shall I say, who are they dressing for?  Who do I dress for? Do I dress to impress women or men?  Was I going to downplay the sexy as to not be intimidating to new women I might meet? Or do I unleash my inner-pussycatedoll and make my husband feel like a stud? Why am I even thinking about this? Do other woman think about this…. or is it just crazy old me?


I have always dressed to express. It can change on a dime but from day-to-day I can go from Sporty Spice to Ginger Spice. Actually, I think there’s a little bit of every Spice Girl inside of me. J I like to give myself options. Ladies, as you know, from day to day our bodies can change. So I would plan an outfit for each scenario.  If I were feeling lean and mean I would dress to highlight my best features.  I would also plan a bloated outfit that doesn’t accentuate my tummy and I would focus on highlighting boobs or legs. I like to balance out the sexy.  But seriously… do I dress for women, men, my man, Me?


I definitely dress sexier when I am having a date night and, I tone it down when I am attending a school function. When I am meeting new women I try to tone down my “818” but I am always expressing my mood and use my wardrobe to accordingly. I’m not the mom who has a uniform, I like to take chances and I am sure there are days where I get it WAY wrong. Sorry kids… I love color. I love accessories and I love changing up my hair (braids, straight, curly).


Men don’t over think this stuff. I think subconsciously I think about these things even when I try not to. My husband thinks its funny… and at least I have a man who appreciates all the Spice Girls in me.


Its exhausting being a woman but I love it.

Life if short… express yourself always mamas!!