Getting Older Doesn’t Suck

Posted on March 15, 2016 by Stefanie Fair with No Comment


I’ve never been someone who got emotional when my birthday came around. I actually like myself a little more every year.  Let me be 100% real –  yes, I really would love my skin from my 20’s and my perky ass…. But, my brain & emotional stability is much more evolved now that I am in my 40’s. I also feel like I am better at reading people’s bull shit meter… this especially comes in handy in the world of entertainment.


I find my self-pondering this subject as I realize how important my girlfriends are to me. I realize that at 40-2-Riffic,  I have cultivated a very small-but-safe girl-squad that I covet. I have always been a “girls girl” but because I am by nature, a people-pleaser, I would get taken advantage of A LOT.  But as I got older, I am not afraid to cut people out that drain my energy and give nothing. I’m not as worried about being liked (work in progress.)  My life is so busy as a working mom of 4 that I don’t have time for drama and “mean girl” attitudes. I do have time for good women, and have all of my friend’s backs, no matter if I have known them one month – or my whole life.


The crazy part of getting older is that….its not what you thought it would be!   When I was in my 20’s, a woman who at 42 seemed SO OLD!  But now… here I am and though some days I am beyond tired, and don’t have the instant recovery switch after a night of partying that I used to, I feel like I can still “Keep it hot” like any 30 year old on a good day.  It’s a trip watching my daughter get older and constantly telling her to “stay my baby” when all she wants to do is get older. How did that happen? Getting older doesn’t suck… it’s the fact that it seems like everything goes by so fast the older you get. That part scares me… so I try to be in the moment as much as I can, and appreciate every little line on my face. Well, I am trying to minimize them for vanity reasons (thank you modern skin care and Botox) but I do appreciate the history in each and every one.


Getting older isn’t what it used to be and I wish more women would embrace their age. There is no more lying about it, when anyone can google anyone and find out their real age. So stop trying to fib…


It sure feels great when people tell me I still look like I am in my 30’s.

Getting older doesn’t suck.