Keep it Hot !

Posted on April 18, 2016 by Stefanie Fair with No Comment



I promised myself that after I had babies I wouldn’t lose Stefanie. I knew my body would never be the same…and  I’m totally fine with that.  I vowed that I would do my best to get my “hotness” back. I had gained close to fifty pounds with all four pregnancies. Each time I made a plan to lose all of the weight. I am a big believer in making plans and setting goals to keep myself accountable.


With each child, I set the goal of one year to lose all of the weight.  That sounded like a good amount of time, but I kept getting pregnant – so I really only lost all of the weight twice. Once after my third baby, London… and then after my fourth, Rocky. It was a lot harder the last time because I was thirty-nine. But I also had my 40th birthday hanging over me and I used that as a HUGE motivator.


Each time I hung a bikini in my closet that I would look at every day. Hell, I cursed at it most the time. But it was there to remind me that I could and would ‘keep it hot’ and rock that bikini again. Why not? Being a mom doesn’t mean that you lose your sexuality. I think being a mom should empower you. Look at what our bodies are capable of… making humans! My mom was always in great shape and never lost her sexy. Even today at seventy-two she is smokin’ hot. So I am lucky that I had a positive role-model growing up.


We need to love our bodies’… flaws and all. I also believe that we all need to accept our natural shape and body type. I am petite at only five-foot-three. (I usually round up to 5’4”) I am also small hipped and build muscle very easily. So I would never expect myself to diet and become a tall, waifish model or ballerina. I also hate that word… diet… it should be erased from our vocabulary. I believe in a “Balanced” lifestyle.. a LIFESTYLE. And for everyone, balance is different. I don’t preach and say that my way works for everyone, but I do believe in scheduling at least thirty minutes (five days a week) to “work on your fitness”.  Find an activity that you love, and do it. I also enjoy working out with friends. It’s a good way to chit-chat and motivate each other.


Food is also 80% of it… sorry mommies out there. Even if you do a thousand hours of cardio, you wont get truly fit without eating clean. Nowadays there are so many healthy options. Just find the clean foods that you love.


With dedication and consistency, you can “Keep it Hot.” Be kind to yourself and don’t go on the scale everyday… I like to weigh myself once a week in the morning before eating or drinking anything. I’ll weigh in on a  Friday, because my weekdays are usually my best days. The weekend ends up being my 20% cheat-meals. That way, I can start fresh on Monday again.


I don’t deprive myself of what I want to eat. I just try to eat it in moderation.

The struggle is real, but I say…. let’s “Keep it Hot!”


xo, Stef