There Goes the Motherhood star riles up parents with her confession

Posted on May 14, 2016 by Stefanie Fair with No Comment

A reality star is getting called out for locking her kids in their rooms

It was inevitable that Bravo’s new show There Goes the Motherhood was going to make waves, as practically everything involving parenting makes waves. But on Wednesday night’s premiere episode, it wasn’t a run-of-the-mill divisive child-rearing topic that had people talking. Instead of getting into a debate over co-sleeping or breastfeeding, the moms on the show were shocked when cast member Stefanie Fair admitted to locking her kids in their rooms at night.

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The episode showed Fair, who — random fact alert — was in a band with Fergie in the ’90s, locking all four of her children in their individual rooms at night. Fair and her husband had an elaborate monitor system set up that showed each child, but yes, they were locked in while Mom and Dad relaxed with a cocktail.

Not surprisingly, the other women — save for one who said “I love that” at Fair’s admission — were pretty surprised at this sleep technique. In fact, one of the women — Beth Bowen — even compared Fair to Joan Crawford. (Ouch!)

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The fact that Fair admitted this so freely — and even asked afterward, “Is that bad?” — shows she doesn’t think anything is wrong with what she’s doing. Fair, no doubt, is a loving mother who definitely seems to keep a close eye on her kids, but isn’t this a little dangerous?

Parents everywhere love when it’s bedtime for the kids. We all, of course, love our kids to pieces, but it’s nice to have a break come 7:30 or 8:00, when we can relax, have an uninterrupted conversation or get things done. When children repeatedly get up for water, bathroom breaks, stories, etc., let’s be frank: It’s annoying. Not only does it cut into the few precious hours moms and dads have to themselves, but in the backs of our minds, we’re always thinking about how tired and cranky our kids are going to be the next day. No fun. It isn’t exactly shocking that the idea of latching kids in their rooms would cross parents’ minds, but what if there were a fire or an emergency of some sort? The kids would be trapped in their rooms! And when you’ve got four kids and a big house like Fair does, getting to each of them quickly doesn’t sound easy.

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As we all know, what works for one family doesn’t necessarily work for another, as no two kids — or parents — are alike. Every mother and father strives to make the best decisions for themselves and their children, but when it comes to issues that involve safety, it might be best to just go with what’s going to keep everyone safe and sound.

And more likely than not, Fair’s kids — and their sleeping habits — will surprise her.

What do you think of this parenting choice?