‘There Goes the Motherhood’ power rankings week 4: Beth gets awesome

Posted on May 14, 2016 by Stefanie Fair with No Comment

What a difference a week makes. Or, what a difference the editing makes. Either way, the mommies of “There Goes the Motherhood” are topsy-turvy in Zap2it’s power rankings week 4.

Beth Bowen has finally dug herself out of the basement and Leah Forester is back on top as well after some strong showings this week. In fact, hardly any of the moms had a poor showing in “Forty Not-So-Wonderful.” Good job, moms!

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1. Leah Forester, up 3 spots

Pros: She clears the air with Jen before her 40th birthday party (which still doesn’t keep drama from happening, but it’s not because of any of the women). She also is very honest in group about the struggles in her marriage and gets husband Bill to agree to see a communication coach because one of their biggest problems is they communicate so differently. Mars and Venus and all that.

She also throws an incredible “Eyes Wide Shut”-themed birthday party at the John Sowden mansion and when Beth’s cousin Billy gets out of hand, she puts him in his PLACE. Girrrrrrl. You’re a hero.

Cons: Nothing in this episode.

leah forester bill there goes the motherhood There Goes the Motherhood power rankings week 4: Beth gets awesome

2. Beth Bowen, up 3 spots

Pros: Beth not only brings the humor, but she gets real about having to downsize her house now that her husband has left her. It makes her infinitely more sympathetic, which just goes to show how important editing is on a show like this. Sure, the editors have to have material to work with, but framing, context and what they choose to air is so important. Beth has gone from zero to 60 over the first four episodes.

Special points for these two gems:

“Leah’s party is insane. There’s naked women in the corner, some have antlers and lampshades. I don’t know whether I should give ’em a robe … or a Bible.” — her delivery on this was priceless.

“Cousin Billy always has my back. Unfortunately, he’s so drunk, I don’t think he can even see my back.” — Oh, cousin Billy. We’ll get to you.

Cons: Her comments about downsizing could be dialed back a little, like “I’m looking at houses that could fit in the atrium of my old house” and complaining about the kitchen in a townhouse. Yes, it’s dated, but overall, that’s a pretty nice house.

Cousin Billy gets drunk at the party, goes after Jen about her problems with Beth and then Leah has to ask him to leave, which he promptly says “fuck you” to. So, that’s nice. This isn’t strictly Beth’s problem, but it’s still sort of on Beth.

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3. Stefanie Fair (down 2) & Meghan Conroy-Resich (down 1), tied

Pros: These women are great in this episode too. The only reason they’re in third is because Leah and Beth were so awesome this week. They continue to be level-headed and hilarious.

Props to Stefanie for how she and Jill work with Ellington over his fear of dogs and props to Meghan and her husband Nick for this exchange:

Meghan: “In the movie they all wear capes.”
Nick: “Yeah, and they get naked and they have sex.”
Meghan: “Well maybe that’s what’s gonna happen, I don’t know!”

Cons: Not enough Stefanie and Meghan in this episode, which is no fault of theirs.

meghan conroy resich there goes the motherhood There Goes the Motherhood power rankings week 4: Beth gets awesome

5. Jen Bush, down 2 spots

Pros: She helps Alisa get all sexified for Leah’s birthday party.

Cons: She too gets a little out of control at the party. Jen, cousin Billy was not “attacking” you, at least not at first. Also, she’s convinced he was sent to attack her on Beth’s orders, which is … kind of ridiculous.

jen bush meghan conroy resich there goes the motherhood There Goes the Motherhood power rankings week 4: Beth gets awesome

6. Alisa Starler, held steady

Pros & Cons: Starler is largely absent from this episode in terms of actual content, so it’s really hard to move her up from last week’s bottom spot. But fingers crossed she can pull herself up from the basement next week. You can do it, Alisa.