“This is my first Blog…Ever”

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Hello Blogosphere.  This is my first official blog. Truth be told, I don’t read Blogs – let alone write them. I do however, write pop songs… (not sure that will help me with this.)  I’m not going to over- think these (like I tend to do about everything else) I’m just going to express myself when the mood strikes.   Being a mom-of-four (I’m sure) it’s always going to come back to being a mom.  Well, we shall see…  Readers: beware of the occasional grammatical error, and don’t expect writer-writing.  I am an over-sharer, so I’m going to keep my blogs authentic to me.  I have kept journals my entire life, but as soon as I became a mom in 2007, I stopped. I think I was so overwhelmed with making my kids baby books and journaling for them, I forgot that it used to be an outlet for me.  No more… it’s 2016 and this is on my list of resolutions.  Even though I hate to call them that, I do believe its always good to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Just ‘cause I have never even read anyone’s blog why can’t I do one?  I love to share, so this will be my outlet to vent.


Can I use emojis? Let alone my favorite bitmoji? Is there a blog police… lol


Here I go mommies…


It all started back in 2013 when my husband got a random email from a casting agent interested in meeting me. It was really unclear but sparked my interest. I grew up as a child actress and was in the girl-group “Wild Orchid” for eleven years. But it had been a minute since I was in front of the cameras.  I’m a working songwriter & mom-trepreneur, but definitely felt rusty with “all the lights on me.”  At that time, I was the mother of four little kids under the age of five.

I called the casting agent and found out it was for “Beverly Hills Housewives” Season 4 on Bravo. I had never watched Bravo or the “Housewives” but had obviously heard of it.  I was very flattered that my name would come up – or that producers sitting in a room even knew who I was.  On paper I was the perfect housewife…. married to a very successful music producer, living in Brentwood, a former child actress and founding member of the girl group that Fergie was in.   So I do the phone interview… I am totally feeling myself. This is destiny. This is perfect for me.  (Remember, I have NEVER even seen one episode.)  But that doesn’t matter…right?  They schedule me for an on-camera interview the next day…I’m totally freaking out, what do I wear?  Do I do my own hair and makeup? I’d better Google an episode?   I had NO idea.


I squeeze into a cute dress & leather jacket and drive my Honda Mini-Van out to the valley. I was ready to book this show.


OMFG.  Talking about myself is not as easy as I thought…

Please God, I hope that tape was burned and thrown in the trash never to re-surface.

Shocker, I didn’t get the job….

But this one encounter started my love-affair with all-things Bravo and now I am a “Housewives” super-fan.


Even though it was not my destiny to become a Bravo-housewife, I fell into a week of depression. For 48 hours I was going back in the spotlight… and this time… as myself.

Nobody wants to be told “no thank you.”  We all want to be the ones to say “no thank you.”  I got out of my funk (nothing a little on-line shopping can’t fix) … but the incident got my show-biz wheels spinning again. It re-awakened something in me. I was now 100% wanting to go on TV again, maybe even… sharing my reality.


The whole experience opened my mind to reality shows … and I ended up being cast on

“There goes the Motherhood” which (coincidently) is a docu-series premiering on Bravo April 20th 2016 – following the “Real Housewives of New York.”


(There’s SO much more to tell you….. to be continued…)


Which puts me here…. Typing my first blog. Yet again doing something…

I have never done before.