There Goes the Motherhood is better when it features actual parenting

Posted on May 13, 2016 by Stefanie Fair with No Comment

Mom-judging is rampant on There Goes the Motherhood, but there’s more to the show than mothers bickering about trivial issues. When they ditch the self-pity and focus on parenting, these moms can actually be quite likable!

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Touching moments were few and far between during the show’s first few episodes, but it was only a matter of time before one of the kids melted our hearts. The lucky child to accomplish this feat was Stephanie Fair’s son Ellington, who memorably freaked out when he encountered a dog at a party thrown by Jen Bush.
Loving moms make There Goes the Motherhood worth watchingImage: Bravo

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Concerned about her son’s fear of dogs, Stephanie decided to help him tackle the problem once and for all. She got a little help from Jill Spivack, who wrote him a special book about her precious little dog Otto. The book made all the difference, convincing Ellington that dogs might not be so scary after all. As nice as this moment was, it paled in comparison to tonight’s breakthrough, during which Ellington and Otto got up close and personal. Although Ellington was at first reluctant to hang out with the little pooch, he eventually faced his fears and petted his new four-legged friend.

Stephanie’s response to Ellington’s breakthrough made me smile. She gave her son a big hug and let him know that she was very, very proud. She also admitted in a later interview that her son’s willingness to take a risk and pet Otto made her think more about the fears that hold her back. If a little kid can face his fears, why can’t she?
Loving moms make There Goes the Motherhood worth watchingImage: Bravo

Now that she’s witnessed Ellington’s bravery. Stephanie just might be willing to pursue the musical career that’s been on hold for so long. She’s petrified of performing in front of anyone over the age of 10, but her son has taught her a powerful lesson: The things we fear most often are not nearly as bad as they seem. I really hope that the show continues to explore this journey, because it would be great to see a cast member take a lesson learned through parenting and apply it to another area of her life.

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There Goes the Motherhood is so much better when the focus is on parenting and not petty drama. It’s captivating to see the moms’ love for their children, but when I’m forced to sit through endless whining over inconsequential issues, I get bored quickly. Some element of drama may be necessary, but I would love to see more parenting and less bickering.