Billboard Music: Bravo’s ‘There Goes the Motherhood’ Wraps Debut Season with New Song and Video by Stefanie Fair

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Bravo’s There Goes the Motherhood is wrapping its first season with a song: the emotional ballad “Better Version of Me” by cast member Stefanie Fair.

The wife of music industry veteran Ron Fair, an award-winning producer who has worked with Christina AguileraBlack Eyed Peas and the Pussycat Dolls, among many others, Stefanie is herself a former member of a girl group (Wild Orchid, featuring a pre-Fergie Stacy Ferguson). But today, being mom to their four kids is the role that takes center stage.

As the couple’s story line showed, music remains a guiding force for the two, even if contentious at times. So how do they balance home life with creativity? “It can really hard,” Stefanie tells Billboard. “The children always come first, but I am not able to surrender my creative voice so I’m in constant search for the right balance. When I’m just a mom and not making music or creating, I’m not happy.”

Likewise, Ron’s home studio is a convenient temptation, but completing “Better Version Of Me” had a greater purpose. “It was a little bit of me seeking poetic justice,” he says. “It echoes the themes of There Goes The Motherhood and I always loved [co-writer] Steve Diamond. Since recording the vocals — and seeing Stefanie soar — I’ve been on a mission.”

Bravo, too, was on board. “We’re really happy for Stefanie,” says Jerry Leo, the cable net’s executive vice president, program strategy, lifestyle networks and production. “She’s a very talented songwriter and performer, and this was a wonderful chance for her to express herself during a true moment of personal growth.”

Jane Lipsitz, co–founder of reality giant Magical Elves and executive producer of the show, echoes that thought, telling Billboard, “The song and the music video are great takeaways for There Goes the Motherhood fans to have some closure and resolution as season one concludes.”

The accompanying video, which was directed by Patrick Tracy, who has also worked with Little Big TownHunter HayesKacey Musgraves and Halsey, among others, naturally co-stars the Fair children. Asked whether music is in their future, the parents gleefully boast that Ella is in musical theater and makes her own music videos; Ellington plays guitar and trumpet and attends a local School of Rock; London plays the drums and wants to learn Saxophone; And Rocky repeats every melody he hears. Adds Ron: “It’s hard to get them interested in a ball rolling their way. But play a great beat, it’s the Jackson Four. With Stefanie — five. I don’t dance.”